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AMD Virtualization 


Doing more with less is an unavoidable challenge when conducting business today—particularly when tasked with balancing the evolving needs of a company's IT department against budget-conscious expectations. Virtualization can help increase your datacenter efficiency while increasing the value and capabilities of your company's IT investment by allowing multiple operating systems, applications and user sessions to run simultaneously on a single computing system.

AMD is a leader in virtualized solutions. By integrating key virtualization features directly into silicon, AMD Opteron™ processor-based platforms deliver unprecedented value and scalability to virtualized datacenters.

  • Minimize power and cooling costs
  • Maximize your software investment
  • Streamline deployments and upgrades
  • Minimize datacenter space and overhead expenses
  • Simplify your server and client systems’ infrastructure
  • Improve system performance, manageability and data security

AMD Virtualization Partners


AMD Virtualization (AMD-V™) Technology

While virtualization helps companies save money and increase agility, it can also impose some serious hardware demands. With the heavy stress of virtualization on today’s datacenters, only AMD can deliver the value that you rely on to help meet your IT challenges while simultaneously maximizing increasingly tight budgets.

AMD-V technology is a set of hardware extensions that enable you to make better use of your resources and generally help improve the performance of your servers, clients and datacenters. AMD Opteron™ processors let you achieve tremendous consolidation with up to 16 cores and huge memory scalability.

Powering ultrathin notebooks to blade servers, all AMD processors shipped are designed to use AMD-V features.



Virtualization extensions to the x86 instruction set

Enables software to more efficiently create virtual machines so that multiple operating systems and their applications can run simultaneously on the same computer.

Tagged TLB

Hardware features that facilitate efficient switching between virtual machines for better application responsiveness.

Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI)

Helps accelerate the performance of many virtualized applications by enabling hardware-based virtual machine memory management.

AMD-V™ Extended Migration

Helps virtualization software with live migrations of virtual machines between all available AMD Opteron processor generations. For an in-depth look at Extended Migration, read more here.

I/O Virtualization

Enables direct device access by a virtual machine, bypassing the hypervisor for improved application performance and improved isolation of virtual machines for increased integrity and security.



More Cores

AMD offers the industry's only 16-core x86 processor.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing redefines Internet services.


High Performance Computing

AMD Opteron™ provides outstanding performance for HPC environments.

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