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AMD Paves the Way for Big Data 

Big Data? No Problem

In the wake of exponential growth in data set volumes, enterprise, government and educational entities rely on cloud and high performance computing to manage big data with efficiency and scalability. This requires a blend of exceptional technologies that involve massively parallel software running on numerous servers.

To meet this demand, AMD proudly partners with Colfax International to deliver a powerful data platform built on Cloudera Hadoop™—open source software without proprietary vendor lock-in—that enables distributed parallel processing of huge amounts of data across inexpensive commodity servers.

The AMD Opteron™ processor-based Colfax server cluster has earned Cloudera certification, delivering Hadoop big data management capabilities with up to 40 percent less cost than comparable offerings1.

The AMD Opteron processor-based cluster on Colfax makes it easy for enterprise and public sector agencies to leverage the enormous analytical power of big data. The platform’s superior core density offers the scale-out capabilities required for effectively handling vast amounts of data, with compelling price/performance.

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  1. Based on pricing as of June 12, 2012 of similarly configured servers using Colfax System on-line configurator. AMD-based servers ($5,660.56) include 2 AMD Opteron Model 6278 processors (2.4 GHz), 96GB of memory, and 8 SATA disks; Intel-based servers ($9,438.25) include 2 Intel Xeon Model E5-2665 processors (2.4 GHz), 96GB of memory, and 8 SATA disks.
Handle Big Data at Significantly Lower Cost
AMD Cloudera-Certified Colfax Server Cluster
AMD Opteron™ Processor-Based Colfax Cluster Delivers Hadoop Data Management Capabilities.