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The Cloud OS Signature Event Series
The Cloud OS Signature Event Series
Join experts for a free, one-day event, and check out the launch of the newest, most exciting Microsoft products.

AMD and Microsoft 

The Age of Acceleration

At Home

Surf. Watch. Play. AMD does the Windows 8 user interface experience with maximum frames per second for fast, fluid interaction with the latest apps1

At Work

Cloud computing, virtualization, infrastructure and more. Whatever your business needs, AMD and Microsoft collaborate to back you up.

AMD Radeon™ Graphics with DirectX® 11

AMD A-Series processors and AMD Radeon graphics accelerate new generations of productivity and entertainment software unleashed by Windows 8. Unlock the full potential of your Windows 8 experience



The Xbox 360 has sold more than 57 million units. What’s under the hood? The AMD "Xenos" GPU – a graphics processor custom built to make the 360’s architecture sing.


The AMD AppZone

Check out tons of applications, games and tools from AMD partners.

  1. Testing conducted in AMD Labs. The 2012 AMD A10-4655M APU-based ultrathin notebook completed fast startup as measured by total boot excluding BIOS in 10.2 seconds and shutdown duration in 4.5 seconds; and hibernate performance as measured by total resume excluding BIOS in 4.8 seconds; standby performance as measured by suspend duration in 1.7 seconds and total resume excluding BIOS in 2.2 seconds. Times rounded to the nearest tenth of a second. TRN-179