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AMD Delivers Big Computing for Big Data 

Multiple AMD Big Data Solutions

AMD is developing a robust ecosystem to drive innovative Big Data solutions that can scale-out over time help and turn customer’s data into a strategic advantage. The rapid growth of data has changed the computing and storage landscape requiring data centers to increase capacity to handle the ever increasing amount of data that is collected and analyzed. It is not just about high performance computing, but rather efficient, high performance computing and storage. The data center of the future is not just defined by the number of servers or petabytes of storage. It is a pool of computing and storage resources with the flexibility to expand in both dimensions as needed by the applications. And, AMD has multiple solutions that can help customers achieve big computing for big data.

AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000

AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 removes the constraints of traditional servers and allows data center customers to expand compute capabilities, networking and storage independently. It provides:

  • 64 servers in 10 RU
  • Up to 4 TB DRAM
  • Up to 2 petabytes of storage in a single rack

Furthermore, with power efficiency being one of the top concerns of data center customers, AMD’s innovative design of the SM15000 provides a solution that consumes half the power of traditional servers. With support for the newest generation of AMD Opteron™ processors featuring the “Piledriver” core, and Intel Xeon “Ivy Bridge” processors, we continue our tradition of providing the highest-density, and most power efficient micro server solutions in the market.

AMD Big Data Partners

AMD is partnering with big data solution providers like Dell, HP, Colfax International, Penguin and others in bringing customers cost-effective big data solutions. For example, with Colfax AMD delivers a powerful data platform built on Cloudera Hadoop that enables distributed parallel processing of huge amounts of data across inexpensive commodity servers. The AMD Opteron™ processor-based Colfax server cluster has earned Cloudera certification, delivering Hadoop big data management capabilities with up to 40 percent less cost than comparable offerings.1 The platform’s superior core density offers the scale-out capabilities required for effectively handling vast amounts of data, with compelling price/performance.

  1. Based on pricing as of June 12, 2012 of similarly configured servers using Colfax System on-line configurator. AMD-based servers ($5,660.56) include 2 AMD Opteron Model 6278 processors (2.4 GHz), 96GB of memory, and 8 SATA disks; Intel-based servers ($9,438.25) include 2 Intel Xeon Model E5-2665 processors (2.4 GHz), 96GB of memory, and 8 SATA disks.
SeaMicro SM15000™ server
The first optimized micro server for big data offers massive efficiencies in power, space and bandwidth.
Be one of the first to see demos of next-gen AMD Opteron™ processors (codenamed “Piledriver”) at SC12.
Hortonworks and AMD
Hortonworks and AMD deliver an end to end solution for the most energy efficient Hadoop cluster.
Handle Big Data at Significantly Lower Cost
AMD Cloudera-Certified Colfax Server Cluster
AMD Opteron™ Processor-Based Colfax Cluster Delivers Hadoop Data Management Capabilities.