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Energy-Efficient Technologies from AMD 

AMD has been a leader in energy efficiency computing since the launch of the AMD Opteron™ processor in 2003 and continues to shatter the benchmark with the revolutionary new core architecture AMD Opteron processors.

AMD is proud to release the world’s first and only 16-core AMD Opteron 6200 Series processor, the lowest power-per-core1 AMD Opteron 4200 Series processor and the upcoming AMD Opteron 3000 Series platform—built to deliver a significant performance increase over previous generations while operating within the same general power and thermal envelopes. These latest generation processors were designed to offer IT organizations ground-breaking performance per watt without increased data center energy consumption or the associated power and cooling costs. The secret is in the AMD-P suite of power management technologies:

  • AMD PowerNow!™ with Independent Dynamic Core Technology allows processors and cores to dynamically operate at lower power and frequencies, depending on usage and workload, to help reduce TCO and lower power consumption in the datacenter.
  • AMD Cool’n’Quiet™ with AMD Smart Fetch and AMD CoolCore™ technologies can reduce processor power consumption by dynamically turning off sections of the processor when inactive.
  • AMD PowerCap Manager allows IT datacenter managers to set a fixed limit on a server’s processor power consumption.
  • Advanced Platform Management Link (APML) provides advanced controls and thermal policies to closely monitor power and cooling2.
  • AMD CoolSpeed technology provides highly accurate thermal information and protection.
  • C1E reduces the power of memory controller and HyperTransport™ technology links.
  • C6 power state -- Reduces processor power consumption at active idle by up to 46%3.
  • LV-DDR3 memory support helps to reduce overall system power consumption.
  • Dual Dynamic Power Management enables more granular power management capabilities to reduce processor energy consumption.
  1. As of November 14, 2011, AMD Opteron™ processor Models 4200 EE have the lowest known power per core of any x86 server processor, at 35W TDP (35W/8 = 4.375W/core). Intel's lowest power per core server processor, L5630, is 40W TDP (40W/4 = 10W/core). See http://www.intel.com/Assets/PDF/prodbrief/323501.pdf. Previous record held by AMD Opteron processor Models 4100 EE at 35W TDP / 6 cores = 5.83 W/core.
  2. In APML-enabled platforms based on TOP 500® List from June 2011 (1-100). See http://www.top500.org/list/2011/06/100.
  3. Based on testing in AMD Performance Labs as of August, 2011, an AMD Opteron™ processor model 6174 (12-core 2.2GHz) consumes 11.7W in the active idle C1E power state while an AMD Opteron™ processor model 6276 (16-core 2.3GHz) consumes only 6.4W in the active idle C1E power state with new C6 power gating employed. System configuration: “Drachma” reference design kit, 32GB (8 x 4GB DDR3-1333) memory, 500GB SATA disk drive, Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 x64 Enterprise Edition R2. SVR-60