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Client Virtualization Technology 

Streamlined operations for a better bottom line
A virtual environment offers some unique benefits for managing desktops, workstations, and other client systems. Virtual client management deployed across an enterprise IT infrastructure can help ensure that the flow of business never stops-from to supply chain partners, to employees, to customers.

Technology from AMD with DAS (DASH, AMD-Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology, & Security) 1.0 is an open standards-based platform which enables critical management, security, and virtualization features without locking your organization into a single, proprietary technology.

AMD Virtualization (AMD-V™) Technology is a set of unique on-chip features that help AMD processor-based clients run multiple operating systems and applications on a single machine by improving the efficiency of virtualization software. AMD-V™ technology allows you to better utilize your resources, which makes your client systems more effective.

Client Virtualization Technologies

Client Side Virtualization - Operating systems such as the new Microsoft Windows 7 ship with a feature called Windows XP Mode, which allows for these two Operating Systems to run separately, in a secure and uninterrupted fashion. Client hypervisors provide this capability.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - A hardware virtualization layer is added to the data center server (or servers) in place of a more traditional operating system; client virtual machines are hosted on these servers

BladePC/OS Streaming/Terminal Services - AMD manufactures processors with a wide range of technology options that can be tailored to enhance a variety of computing architectures. AMD processors support the performance and isolation requirements of the virtualization technology used in VDI and Terminal Services, in addition to the low power requirements and memory requirements for concurrent users and applications demanded by Blade PCs and OS streaming.

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