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High Performance Computing
Enabling HPC customers and partners around the world with powerful, well-balanced computing solutions.

Cray Supercomputers powered by AMD Opteron™ Processors 

Bringing Supercomputing Solutions for Everyone

Cray provides a suite of highly advanced systems that are meeting existing and future computational challenges on a wide variety of applications every day. Building on decades of experience in designing the world’s most innovative supercomputers, Cray technologies enable remarkable breakthroughs by accelerating performance, improving efficiency and extending the capabilities of the most demanding applications. And with a solution for every budget and need, Cray makes it easy to take advantage of high performance computing (HPC) advancements. Put a Cray and AMD on your team and get the sustained performance, scalability and reliability to solve your toughest problems.

Leveraging AMD Opteron™ processors, the Cray XE6 scalable supercomputer is engineered to meet the demanding needs of capability-class HPC applications. The Cray XE6m is price/performance optimized to support scalable workloads in the midrange market.

The Cray XK6 supercomputer integrates AMD's leading multi-core scalar processors, Cray's proven Gemini interconnect, and additional accelerator technology to create a true, productive hybrid supercomputer.

The Cray XMT supercomputing system is a scalable massively multithreaded platform with a shared memory architecture for large-scale data analysis and data mining. The system is purpose-built for parallel applications that are dynamically changing, require random access to shared memory and typically do not run well on conventional systems.

Cray Case Studies
Using HPC to Up the Formula Racing Game
Discover how the Cray XT™ Jaguar supercomputer is being used to help defend the earth against space weather
Learn about how the Cray XT™ Jaguar supercomputer is helping researchers make new discoveries in nano-technology
New Frontier Scientists Videos
Two new videos from Frontier Scientists feature Cray's Per Nyberg and Arctic Region Supercomputing Center director Greg Newby. The videos showcase science models produced on Cray supercomputers.
Department of Defense Awards Cray $16 million
Read more about how the Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program awarded Crazy a $16 million contract
Blue Waters in NCSA Access Magazine
Learn more about the Blue Waters project in the most recent issue of the NCSA Access magazine. The Blue Waters Early Science System was recently made available to select researchers.