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Citrix and AMD 

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Together Citrix and AMD provide efficient and optimized application, client and server virtualization solutions to meet the needs of today’s adaptive IT organizations. As members of Xen.org and the Xen Desktop Initiative, AMD and Citrix ensure Xen utilizes the latest AMD processor and chipset enhancements to increased virtualization performance and security.

The joint engineering of AMD and Citrix allows the two companies to develop and test applications for client and server virtualization solutions. Citrix helps AMD better understand the hardware enhancements needed to support high performing and secure virtualization and together the two ensure Citrix efficient and effective use of the technology. From embedded Citrix XenServer on AMD Opteron servers to performance and sizing guides to support IT virtualization deployments Citrix and AMD provide the solutions.

Reducing the power consumption of HP ProLiant servers in the data center

Read how using a virtualization solution (such as Citrix XenServer) to consolidate legacy Citrix XenApp servers onto fewer HP ProLiant BL465c G6 server blades configured with energy efficient processors reduced power consumption and heat generation while improving manageability, high availability, and disaster recovery.

AMD Opteron™ Processors with AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Help Deliver Increased Scalability and Performance for Virtualized Citrix XenApp on XenServer.

Citrix XenApp 4.5 on XenServer 5.0 Enterprise supports over 70% more concurrent user sessions when running on Dell servers with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors as compared to Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors. For customers running older servers with 32-bit architectures that are RAM constrained, moving to two-socket Dell R805 servers with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors presents an opportunity to do substantially more work with fewer servers.


Addressing the Needs of Server Customers
AMD sets the new standard for price, performance, and power for the datacenter.