AMD OverDrive™ System Requirements 

  • AMD OverDrive™ utility is compatible with the following operating systems:
    • Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
    • Windows Vista (32 or 64bit)
    • Windows XP (32 or 64bit)
  • AMD CPU and a compatible AMD Chipset motherboard are required for installing and using AMD OverDrive™ utility.
  • AMD OverDrive™ utility supports the following chipset models:
    • AMD Hudson-D3
    • AMD 990FX
    • AMD 990X
    • AMD 970
    • AMD 890FX
    • AMD 890GX
    • AMD 890G
    • AMD 790FX
    • AMD 790GX
    • AMD 790X
    • AMD 785G
    • AMD 780G
    • AMD 770
  • AMD OverDrive™ utility is not compatible with the following chipset models:
    • AMD 780V
    • AMD 760G
    • AMD 740G
    • Previous AMD Chipset models (e.g. 690G or 580X) or non-AMD Chipsets
  • Certain features of AMD OverDrive™ utility require a motherboard with compatible BIOS version and may not be available on all supported hardware configurations.
  • AMD Black Edition Memory Profile –feature is available with the following, validated memory modules:
    Vendor: Part #: Supported CPU Models:
    Corsair CMD4GX3M2B1600C8 965BE (C2), 955BE, 720BE
    Corsair CM3X2G1600C6GT 965BE (C2), 955BE, 720BE
    Corsair CMG4GX3M2A1600C6 965BE (C2), 955BE, 720BE
    Corsair CMG4GX3M2B1600C7 965BE (C2), 955BE, 720BE
    Mushkin 996657 965BE (C2), 955BE
    Mushkin 996601 965BE (C2), 955BE
    OCZ OCZ3BE1600LV2G 965BE (C3), 955BE
    OCZ OCZ3BE1600C8LV2G 965BE (C3&C2), 955BE
    Patriot PGS34G1600LLKA 965BE (C3&C2), 955BE
    Patriot PGS34G1600ELKA 965BE (C3&C2), 955BE
    Patriot PGS34G1333LLKA 965BE (C3&C2), 955BE
    Patriot PGS34G1333ELKA 965BE (C3&C2), 955BE
  • In addition the system must meet the following requirements in order to enable the Black Edition Memory Profile feature:
    • 790FX, 790GX or 790X AM3 motherboard with BEMP compatible BIOS revision
    • AMD Phenom™ II AM3 Black Edition CPU