AMD Graphics and Processors 

Premium components for your dream machine

Whether you're tweaking an existing system, doing a major upgrade, or designing a new PC from scratch-building with AMD components is the right place to start.

Among your options are:



As the only company in the world that designs both high-performance processing and industry-leading graphics solutions, AMD platforms offer unique advantages. From processors, to graphics and chipsets-AMD technologies are conceived and designed to work together, do more, and do it better.

Whether you're building a new system to use at home, a custom gaming rig to take to tournaments, or a Home Theater PC (HTPC) for your living room-there's an AMD platform to meet your specific needs. Start with a foundation that combines scalable graphics firepower and full-throttle processing performance.

Enjoy a visual experience designed for breakneck 3D gaming and breathtaking HD entertainment1

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  1. HD display required for HD playback.