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AMD Business PCs & Windows® 7 

Businesses running Windows 7 on AMD technology-based PCs and AMD VISION Pro Technology can achieve an advanced, visually dynamic, powerful, and rich computing experience on a stable and consistent platform.

Key features include:

  • Advanced Visual Productivity:  AMD commercial grade technology helps drive business productivity by ensuring a smooth Windows 7 experience in single or multiple display configurations.
  • Essential Security and Manageability:  AMD commercial grade open-standards-based DAS 1.0 platform technology enables critical virtualization, security, and management features without locking your organization into a single, proprietary technology.
  • Uncompromised Energy Efficiency:  AMD commercial grade technology delivers energy-efficient features designed to be cost-efficient, reduce power consumption, and extend battery life.

Advanced Visual Productivity.  AMD’s graphics processors, CPUs and chipsets provide the ideal platform for supporting the enhanced visual and productivity features of Windows 7 in single or multiple display configurations.  AMD’s complete line of professional graphics cards encompasses 2D and 3D graphics workstation and mobile products to offer a complete, top-to-bottom, enterprise-wide solution.  With ATI Eyefinity advanced multiple-display technology and Windows 7, you can help increase your productivity and discover a new realm of panoramic.  A few key features include:

  • AMD commercial grade PCs and Windows 7 help provide users with an exceptional experience on visual applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, video conferencing, video streaming, 3D productivity, Internet 2.0, and mapping.
  • Optimal support for road warriors by delivering rich graphics – whether for creating and delivering visually rich presentations or watching movies while in flight.
  • Deliver a superior visual experience while preparing for tomorrow’s software upgrades with the only business-class platform to support the advanced features of Microsoft® DirectX 10.1 and DirectX 11.0 technologies.

Essential Security and Manageability.  AMD commercial grade PCs feature DAS 1.0 (DASH, AMD-V, Security) technology designed to enable comprehensive management, security and virtualizations without compromising performance.  And because DAS 1.0 is based on industry open standards, companies don’t get locked into proprietary technologies and solutions.

  • DASH compliant manageability.  AMD commercial grade processors ship fully manageable by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager regardless of power state.  From BIOS repairs to out of band remote diagnostics to afterhours patching, AMD extends the capabilities of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager by providing a comprehensive, open management framework
  • AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) technology support.  AMD commercial grade technology, designed with business in mind, helps deliver the excellent value and real world performance.  AMD commercial grade platform technologies ship with AMD-V support and chip level virtualization optimization required to support legacy applications that run under a key Windows 7 feature called Windows XP Mode.  Windows® XP mode is a virtualization technology that runs an XP session inside the Windows 7 operating environment.  Customers that have purchased ANY currently-shipping AMD Phenom™, AMD Phenom II™, AMD Turion™, AMD Turion™ II, AMD Athlon™, AMD Athlon™ II, AMD Semron™ or AMD Opteron™ processor will have access to the AMD-V™ feature, and subsequently benefit from Windows XP Mode in Windows 7.
  • Security.  Companies can safeguard their data with comprehensive security from boot up to shut down with the combination of AMD commercial grade chip level security features like Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and advanced Windows 7 security features.  With features such as DirectAccess, end users can access network resources from anywhere, at anytime.  And because they are using systems based on AMD commercial grade technology, they can take comfort in knowing their session and data are secure.

AMD Commercial Grade Technology.  Today IT decision makers can find PCs designed to meet their needs with AMD VISION Pro Technology.

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