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ATI Radeon™ Graphics & Windows 7 

ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series graphics cards and software drivers are the first to offer support for Microsoft® DirectX® 11 technology. Unlock the full potential of your Windows 7 experience with ATI Radeon graphics.


AMD’s award-winning ATI Catalyst™ software suite delivers unprecedented control of performance and visual quality on ATI Radeon™ graphics processors. AMD provides monthly WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Lab)-certified ATI Catalyst drivers for Windows 7 designed to deliver:

  • Rock-solid stability and compatibility for AMD platform technologies running Windows 7
  • Full support for the visually stunning desktop environment of Windows 7
  • Game performance improvements in Windows 7 (compared to Windows Vista) in single card and multi-GPU configurations employing ATI CrossFireX™ technology.

DirectX® 11 technology is an important feature of Windows 7 for two reasons: well-performing games and fast computing. AMD was the first to deliver GPUs with support for Microsoft DirectX® 11 technology.

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With ATI Stream technology, users of Windows 7 and an ATI Stream-enabled graphics card can simply and quickly transcode videos with the Drag and Drop video converter application available with Windows 7. ATI Stream helps enable ATI Radeon™ graphics processors to work in concert with the system’s central processor and accelerate many applications beyond graphics.

Note: ATI Stream technology requires an ATI Stream-enabled graphics card and application. In addition, not all media players are supported under the Windows 7 “Drag and Drop” utility. Contact your media player manufacturer to inquire if a particular media player is supported.

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Expand your view of gaming, productivity, and entertainment and discover a new realm of panoramic computing with ATI Eyefinity advanced multiple-display technology. With ATI Eyefinity technology and Windows 7, you can immerse yourself in game play, get more done, and maximize your leisure time.

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Buy or upgrade to an ATI Radeon™ premium graphics card for your desktop PC and truly maximize your Windows 7 experience.

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When buying a new notebook PC, ensure you have an ATI Mobility Radeon™ premium graphics processor to benefit from an incredible Windows 7 experience.

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VISION Technology
VISION from AMD enriches virtually everything that you see, share, and create, so your digital life is more vibrant.

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